The 3 Best Things about Writing Poetry

The author makes some good points in her post. While I agree to a large extent with (3), that poems possess the advantage of “quick impact, this is, I believe more so in the case of shorter poems. Dowson’s “They Are Not Long” is brief and the poems brevity adds to it’s impact. However Coleridge’s “Rhyme of theAncient Mariner” is lengthy and does not, in my opinion possess the same punch, while Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” runs to an entire book. Granted the latter poem has great impact owing to it’s beauty and the powerful images conjured up by the poet. However the brevity of the poem is not a factor in ones appreciation of the writing, as it possesses none.

A Writer's Path

by Chloe-Anne Ross

Whenever I do get the chance to hear someone read out their poem on dying love or life’s long journey let’s face it…I want to run for the hills.

I know, I KNOW! It’s cruel, but hey I’m a writer and I’m an introvert. How else am I going to feel other than awkward? As much I like to poke fun at this idea, I do actually love writing and reading poems. There are some things a great poem can do that a novel just can’t and, as if you didn’t know where I’m going with this, here are three of those things.

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