“Screen Fatigue” Sees UK eBook Sales Plunge 17% as Readers Return to Print

Reports of the print book’s death have been greatly exaggerated which, I must confess comes as no surprise to me.

A Writer's Path

by Mark Sweney at the Guardian

Consumer sales down to £204m last year and are at lowest level since 2011 – when Amazon Kindle sales first took off in UK

Britons are abandoning the ebook at an alarming rate with sales of consumer titles down almost a fifth last year, as “screen fatigue” helped fuel a five-year high in printed book sales.

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4 thoughts on ““Screen Fatigue” Sees UK eBook Sales Plunge 17% as Readers Return to Print

  1. sharonecathcart

    I saw this article Friday and shared it with my writers’ group. There are good reasons not to put all of your proverbial eggs in one basket — in terms not only of discoverability, but also availability. E-book sales had been flattening for some time, so a drop didn’t surprise me at all. Everyone who wants a reader pretty much has one at this point, for starters. And second, yes, eyestrain from using them really is a “thing.” I travel for my day job and, while I take my eReader with me because it saves space, I really cannot tolerate reading it on an airplane. We’re learning as we go with this stuff, I think.


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