Why do bloggers take their blogs down?

A good question and some interesting responses following on from the post. Nothing is, of course ever truly deleted. For example if one removes a blog/website, its possible that it may have been archived by archive.org (or similar archiving services). Try going to archive.org and typing in the url of an existing (or deleted) site and see what comes up. You may well be surprised. In the case of archive.org one can request that material you own is deleted from their servers, however there is no guarantee that someone has not (in the meantime) taken a copy of sections of your blog/website. So, basically, once one presses that publish button your content is (quite possibly) out there permanently.

Lucky Otters Haven


This is something I’ve always wondered about.   I see so many bloggers take down their blogs when they lose interest or they feel like their blog has fulfilled its purpose.    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a blog I like and seen a message saying the blog has been removed.

I don’t get it.  Even if I were to lose interest in blogging and stop writing posts, I would still leave my blog(s) up.    One, it costs nothing on WordPress.  Two, people will continue to stumble on my blog and may be helped, entertained, or inspired by something I wrote.  Three, people who already know about my blog want to go back and reread something they already read.

It’s always so disappointing to see that a blog I’ve grown attached to no longer exists.   If I haven’t kept in touch with the blog’s…

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