Do you think blogging hurts or helps your writing?

A question which exercises my mind from time to time. As a poet, most of the posts on this site are poems, therefore I dont see a conflict between the energy I employ blogging and that utilised writing. On occasions I feel that more posts on matters other than my poems should appear here, however where I to spend time penning non-poetic pieces my poetry would, I believe suffer, consequently I will continue to post primarily poetry here. Kevin

Jean's Writing

For me, the answer is both.

Do you see an end to blogging in your future?


I started my blog to practice and hone my skills. It had been years since I’d attempted to write anything other than professional documents and after reaching a point in my life where I had the time to indulge myself, I wanted to write for fun.

My blog evolved and changed as I met other writers/bloggers.

Has your blog changed since you began? Do you write more or less?

Thanks to many wonderful writers sharing their knowledge and skills, I began to gain some confidence. And I wanted to retain as much as possible.  began blogging about what this enormous community taught me. I must confess, blogging and linking back to y’all is my way of not only saying thanks but also preserving the information for myself.

In order to preserve this bounty of information…

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3 thoughts on “Do you think blogging hurts or helps your writing?

  1. Lucy Brazier

    Without doubt blogging has completely transformed my writing – in that I wasn’t a writer until I started a blog and now I am a published author and professional writer. I certainly hope you do continue to post your poems Kevin as I love them.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you Lucy! I will certainly continue to post my poems and I am thrilled you enjoy them. I am enjoying your new site, “Who Shot Tony Blair” and also enjoyed “Secret Diary”. All the best, Kevin


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