A writing competition about England’s future


The website England’s Future History is looking for short stories between 500 and 3000 words set in England at any point in the future.

The organisers are clear what they don’t want:”… sci-fi, flying cars and jet packs…”

And they have ideas about the kind of stories they would like:

It could be the assassination of the Prime Minister, the future of housing in the country, or the day cancer is finally cured. We’re looking for personal accounts of similar events – were you there when the PM was killed, are you buying your first home in 2030 or was your dad the last person to die from cancer?

England in the futureIs food a bit of a problem in the England of the future?

An interesting twist

As new stories are published the events of these tales will be added to to the website’s  timeline. They become the future history and your story has to…

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