My Favourite Authors & What Is Reading?

Olivia provides a wonderful description of what reading means to her. One which I wholeheartedly endorse. Kevin


Literature is ever-evolving. Authors are churning out new books with each day, in the hopes they’ll be applauded. They go on, they live, they die, they’re replaced. There is a never-ending list of aspiring writers, but all writers – young or old, new or existing, aspiring or acclaimed – have one thing in common: the reader.

And here I am. The reader who is in love with the simple act of picking up a stack of paper (that just-so-happens to be glued together), decoding letters and forming them into words, and falling in love with people I’ll never meet and places I’ve never been to. Each and every author relies on me and my kind to criticise their books, immerse their being in them, and tell their friends to read them, too. That is the cycle of literature, and a multitude of authors complete said cycle each day: they publish…

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