Authors! Your Free Book Is Worthless

Tara makes some good points. However I think the picture is rather more complex than portrayed in her post. For the author just starting out with few (if any) followers on social media programmes such as Amazon’s KDP Select can help to bring their work to the attention of people who, otherwise would have been unaware of it. For authors with a bigger following on their blogs or via other social media the use of giveaways may be less effective. My book, “Dalliance; A Collection Of Poetry And Prose” is not free and I have no intention of making it so. I have, however provided readers with free copies in return for an honest review (I.E. targeted use of free offers). It is, ultimately a matter of horses for courses. For the author just starting out free promotions may help. While for the author with a greater presence offering books free (other than targeted promotions) may not be so effective.


Tara Sparling writes

Authors! Your Free Book Is Worthless (To People Over 30) You know you want it! Er… hang on. Do you…?

I’ve been wondering about book pricing for a long time. Specifically, whether making your book free makes me bothered about reading it or not.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not. Bothered, that is.

But before you start weeping and wailing (yes – you in the back, there) this has to be taken in the context of the market demographic to which I belong. And the fact that a clunky, unsophisticated and downright annoying scatter-gun approach to book marketing, which I keep ranting and raving about even though nobody is bloody listening, is yet again way off target.

I said before that books were decreasing in value – and they are, on two levels: both in sales and production.

Firstly, it stands to reason that if you charge me 99c for your book, or make it free, it’s not as valuable to…

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