Our Voice When We No Longer Have One

Our words do indeed live on long after we are gone. A touching post. Kevin

Me - Who am I?


A fellow blogger recently passed away, a life suddenly taken without warning. Today, I visited his blog to read a few of his posts. It’s haunting to realize that you’re reading the words of someone who has passed on. It’s also a very emotional experience. All of a sudden their words have a greater meaning.

The posts that made us laugh, make us laugh even harder.  The ones that brought tears to our eyes, bring even more. We realize that each word was leading up to their final day, a day that they were unaware of when they wrote them.

A few months ago, a woman who had been struggling with the loss of her daughter, wrote a post. None of us knew that it would be her last. Perhaps she didn’t either. But when looking back at it, it’s heartbreaking to realize that the signs of what was to…

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