Ten sentences on love…

This is poetic and beautiful. Kevin

A Veil of Innocence

I’m unsure as to how I’ll write ten sentences about love in four words each. So I’m going to give this a little twist…


                         He looked at her,
                 Like everything he wanted
                   Was embodied in one,
                So beautiful and majestical.
                   A spine tingling sight.
                Like raindrops on leaves,
               She glimmered in sunlight.
                 Like candles in the dark,
                She brightened dark days.
          Staring speechless and bewildered,
                     What could he say?
           Love was a mere understatement.

Okay, so I tried to keep each line as close to four words as I could and I know these are more than ten *oops*
Now the rules are, that you must write ten sentences related to love, each sentence must consist of four words each. And in the end you must top it all off with your favorite love related quote.
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