My Confession

Recently The Story Reading Ape published a post on guest poster etiquette, ( At point (f) he, very wisely advised that one should never, under any circumstances share a personal secret online. So with total disregard to the excellent advice of Chris The Story Reading Ape I am reblogging my most dark confession. Will I live to regret doing so I wonder. Kevin

K Morris - Poet

I have always regarded myself as a civilised man. The idea of violence makes me feel physically ill. Life is a precious spark which should on no account be snuffed out. To commit that most wicked of acts, murder is to lose one’s own soul. To have on one’s conscience the death of another is surely the most appalling weight any human being can carry. What is done can not be undone. The flash of a blade, a slight pressure on the trigger and death swiftly claims his prize.

However we all have our limits. A point beyond which we say thus far and no further. It is a rare man indeed who when struck on the right cheek proffers the left in order that his assailant may strike that also. Very few men can follow the precepts of Christ and permit others to abuse them with impunity. I for…

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