A Day In The Life – RNIB Writing Competition

Last year the Royal National Institute of The Blind (RNIB) ran a writing competition with the theme “A day In The Life”, which was judged by RNIB members and the writer Natalie Haines, (for a podcast of the entries please visit http://dl.groovygecko.net/anon.groovy/clients/rnib/Vision-65-podcast.mp3).

The winning entry imagines a day in the life of Blind Willie Purvis, a blind singer/song writer who toured the pubs of Newcastle regaling the locals with his singing. Purvis’s life was an interesting one (for a short article on him please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Purvis_%28Blind_Willie%29).

The runner up is also well worth a listen. In it Hariet Smith describes her first day attending Worcester College For The Blind. Hariet movingly describes the sense of uncertainty and loss experienced by a child attending a new school (in this case as a boarder).

RNIB’s current writing competition asks entrants to submit crime stories or court room dramas. Entries will be judged in 2015.

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