5 Worst Publishers – BEWARE!

An interesting post (although I must add that I have no personal experience of any of the presses mentioned here).

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Author and e-Book Builder Deena Rae wrote in one of her blogs:
“The world of publishing has always been filled with scammers, and top of the list are vanity publishers. To those who have been in the world of publishing a vanity press used to be a bad thing, but with Penguin, Random House, Simon & Schuster, and even Harlequin getting into bed with AuthorHouse / AuthorSolutions to form so-called subsidiary presses. Now there is a sheen of “respectability” to vanity publishing…

Want to know which vanity publishers I personally find the worst? This is based just on my own research, observations and studying of lots of “publishing contracts”.  Top of the list are the ones that are operating under so many names and changing them so often, one can barely keep up with listing them:

  1. AuthorHouse / AuthorSolutions (Penguin)
  2. Alibi, Hydra etc. (Random House)
  3. iUniverrse, XLibris, PublishAmerica, America Star Books

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