Plans To Turn The Pub In Which Hitler Was Born Into A Museum

A piece in The Daily Mail regarding plans to turn the Austrian pub in which Adolf Hitler was born into a museum. The building currently acts as a focal point for neo Nazis and supporters of the museum concept believe that showcasing Hitler’s crimes would, over time reduce the appeal of the building to neo Nazis while enhancing the public’s understanding of the dictator’s legacy. Others want the building to be destroyed.

2 thoughts on “Plans To Turn The Pub In Which Hitler Was Born Into A Museum

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      What would your option be as regards the future of the building? As a historian I think the turning of the building into a museum has the potential to enhance the understanding of Hitler and the Third Reich. I understand the concerns that a museum might kindle in the breasts of neo Nazis a twisted pride in Nazi Germany but could it not be argued that by knocking the building down Austria would be showing cowardice in the face of right wing extremists?


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