The Solution to E-book Piracy?

An interesting post with some novel answers regarding how to combat book piracy. I personally suggest making the blighters walk the plank in shark infested waters but, funnily enough one or two people have told me that my solution is, perhaps a little extreme. Maybe making them walk the plank in non shark infested waters …!

Thus far, there is no solution for piracy, other than for authors to actively seek out the website pirating their work and requesting for it to be removed. I don’t know if my book has yet been pirated, but if it has and you have knowledge of this, please, please, please let me know.

A Tumblr follower whose handle is slurpeemoney made me aware of a service where those who pirate books can be given the option of paying what they think the book is worth after they’ve read it. And if they don’t pay, they can at least spread word of the book. mattfractionblog uses this service for his P.I. graphic novel series and seems to be successful with it. My follower admits it may have something to do with name recognition, but it is an interesting service to be made aware of.

Slurpeemoney then goes to admit that…

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