The First Time [Book Review]

Many thanks to Cupitonians for reviewing my collection of short stories, The First Time. Should you purchase The First Time or any other of my books I would appreciate it if you would consider leaving a review either on your own site or Amazon. As mentioned by Cupitonians, a free copy of The First Time was provided in return for an honest review. No money or other incentives where provided.

This Labyrinth I Roam

Book name: The First Time (Buy here – UK VersionUS Version)

Author:K. Morris

Genre: Fiction, Short Stories

Source:New Author Online


The First Time is a collection of 4 short stories that explores a variety of topics that leave you in deep thought.

The first story, which is also the title of the book, explores Becky’s financial dilemmas. Being a recent graduate with an unbelievable credit card debt, Becky ventures into the world of prostitution in order to steer clear of poverty. The story gives a glimpse into why young women enter into the escort services world and the sorts of difficulties they face in it. 

Lucy is a story that looks at people’s reaction to an old bachelor’s sudden luck in his love life. Having secured a young, beautiful and dutiful wife that fulfils his every desire, people conclude that the only reasonable…

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