Guest Author Kevin Morris

Thank you to Chris Graham of The Story Reading Ape for hosting me on his blog. Chris continues to do stirling work on behalf of authors.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


The city of Liverpool is famous for being the birth place of The

Beatles but the group pale into insignificance when one bears in mind

that it is privileged to have as one of it’s former inhabitants my

good self, Kevin Morris. Actually they expelled me on pain of death

and I now live in London but don’t tell anyone!


My short story, Samantha is set in the city of my birth. Samantha

tells the story of a young girl forced into prostitution by her brutal

pimp, Barry. Throughout Samantha it is touch and go as to whether Sam

will survive or end her brutalised existence in the murky waters of

Liverpool’s Albert Docks. By day the docks are a magnet for tourists

with Liverpool’s Maritime Museum, trendy restaurants, shops and bars

all bussling with activity. However, come the darkness of night the

place is deserted, the sound of the…

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