Why Sell Your Books From Your Own Website?

I have considered selling books direct from my website and should, perhaps give this some further thought. A useful and interesting post.

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In a former blog post: Successful Book Selling – the Non-Traditional Way  we mentioned that authors could sell books from their own website – which resulted in lots of questions how this could be installed and successful managed.

Great Benefits for Authors
Take advantage of these three fantastic benefits of selling your books from your own webpage:

  1. You will have higher Revenues
  2. You get paid faster
  3. You will know your readers

Higher Revenues
Directly selling means you earn around 85% from your retail price, way more than the maximum 70% you receive from Amazon, and on a 99 cent book or one above 9.99 you get nearly double the amount you would receive from Amazon.  It also helps your readers who live in areas where Amazon requests a surcharge, e.g. in parts of Asia, Africa and Middle East – and sometimes even when customers want to…

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