Anyone Fancy Writing this?

While browsing I came across the below intriguing advertisement

“A smart and attractive girl is needed to help a private detective in his investigation, a good remuneration in return.”

What a great basis for a short story or a novel. Imagine the possibilities. A private detective wishes to investigate the affairs of a criminal who is known for his cunning and suspicion of anyone who is not part of his own tight knit fraternity. He does, however have one weakness, a liking for attractive intelligent women. The detective finds his girl who manages to seduce the criminal mastermind and communicate his secrets to her employer. Alternatively the young lady falls in love with the criminal and they disappear into the sunset together leaving the detective high and dry!

What wonderful material for a writer to get his or her teeth into!

2 thoughts on “Anyone Fancy Writing this?

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I had forgotten about this post. Thank you for stumbling across it and reminding me of this article. Overheard snipets of conversation can also form a great basis for fiction although, of course ethical considerations come into play in such cases. Kevin


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