Samantha by Kevin Morris – Liverpool and forced prostitution

My forthcoming novel, Samantha is set in the city of Liverpool and tells the story of a young girl, Samantha who is forced into prostitution by her brutal pimp Barry.

Having been born and brought up in the city of Liverpool I can vouch for the fact that Liverpudlians are a warm and friendly lot. Unlike London and other large cities the inhabitants of Liverpool say good morning to strangers a trait which raises eyebrows among visitors who are unfamiliar with the people of the North-West of England. However Samantha is not about the warmth and generosity of the people of Liverpool, it deals with the brutal reality of a young woman compelled to work as a prostitute in that city.

Can Samantha escape the world of sex slavery or will she end her life in the cold and murky waters of Liverpool’s Albert Dock? Perhaps her love for Peter (a teacher she meets in a night club) will save her, perhaps not.

Currently Samantha exists in partial draft form on my blog ( Once completed Samantha will be published as an ebook and, possibly in good old fashioned hard copy as well! For part 12 of Samantha which links back to previous chapters please visit the above link.

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