Photographs of life in Nazi Germany

The Daily Mail for 29 November has an article showing life in Nazi Germany in 1937 through the lense of the camera. The photographs show happy Germans and where taken by a Norwegian photographer who was a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party). I was struck by the fact that the article makes no reference to the terrible cruelties which Hitler’s Germany was already inflicting on the Jews and other groups at that time (although the “Final Solution” which entailed the slaughter of approximately 6 million Jewish people didn’t start until World War II was underway, Jews where already being systematically discriminated against being banned from marrying non-Jews and being gradually deprived of other rights).

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1 thought on “Photographs of life in Nazi Germany

  1. David Allen

    Wow. News papers and pictures rarely cause my skin to crawl. But this was definitely one of those times. It’s hard to believe that period in history actually existed.


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