The Best Edgar Allan Poe Stories

Sadly my braille edition of Poe’s “Tales Of Mystery And Imagination” (which runs to 9 volumes) is missing several of them. It being a collection of stories, this is not the end of the world and the book still resides on the bookcase in my bedroom. Kevin

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10 great Edgar Allan Poe short stories everyone should read

Compiling a list of the best Edgar Allan Poe short stories is always going to prove controversial, because he wrote many more classics than a ‘top 10’ list could ever dream of comprehensively capturing. So the following does involve some omissions – ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’, and several other well-known tales – because our list is designed to showcase the sheer variety of Poe’s stories, and the various genres which he helped to develop (Gothic horror, ghost story, science fiction, detective story). Do leave your suggestions for the best Poe stories in the comments below (and tell us how you’d change our selection here!).

10. ‘The Balloon-Hoax’. Published in 1844 and originally presented as a true story in The Sun newspaper in New York, ‘The Balloon-Hoax‘ tells of a European man’s journey across the Atlantic in a…

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